XM Regional Day Competitions

We offer two types our dance challenge events, and our Championships. Dance Challenge days offer great introduction to new aspiring dancers and schools but still cater for all. Our championship days do not offer First Timer Section.

XM Street Dance Weekends

Our weekends are something not to be missed, the whole event is about the dancer, encouragement, inspire and be inspired. If you are looking for a weekend street dance event that will make your school feel really part of it then request your info pack now.

XM European Hip Hop Holidays

Take all your amazing dancers away to European countries such as Spain or Portugal. A week of competitions, workshops, fun and plenty of time to socialise with your dance friends. add additional week before or after for that family holiday too.


Competition Categories


Solo dancers get more with XM, *First Timer, Newcomer, Intermediate, Advanced

Advanced dancers finals we allow 1min per solo spot for each dancer [...]


Crews (Teams) 5 to 24 Dancers, Newcomer, Intermediate, Advanced.

Offering various age groups & 25% age rule giving you the teacher more flexibility [...]


We offer Duos in Newcomer, Intermediate & Advanced Format

In addition to the three levels we also offer a large range of age catorgies  [...]

Quads, Battles, Fun Events & More

At our weekend events or special one day events you will find added competitions

At the weekends we also have fun events such as parent crews, parent & child trios or quads